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After 15 tears years in the CG industry and several successful recruiting projects, I have created a good relationship with many of the leading CG artists out in the field today. 
I also have an extraordinary ability to discover potential talent in artists new to the industry.  Here are a few of the recruiting services I could provide:

*Helping to generate crew hierarchy,roles and job descriptions
*Facilitating recruiting trips
*Personally viewing and selecting applicants
*Conducting interviews
*Checking references
*Being first contact between artist and studio
*Securing pre-interview paperwork (NDA, Immigration)
*Conducting interviews
*Wage and contract negotiation
*Facilitating work permit process in Canada and the US
*Working hourly,weekly,contractually or by finders fee
 with a flexibility to the Production's requirements


Due to the years of experience I have in Producing for television, Production Management for VFX and
pre-Production for feature films, I have gained many skills that could be helpful for production consulting.

Among these skills are:

*Production schedule planning
*Script break-down for VFX films
*Script break-down for television and film
*Determining needs for asset creation
*Determining needs for animation creation
*Crew allocation and hierarchy planning
*Reviewing staff and production inefficiencies
*Helping to formulate performance plans
*Revisiting schedules after production set-backs and
reforming production plans

If you are a new studio looking for input or an established production looking for a fresh insight, I can offer services to help you to come up with Computer Graphics and Production solutions.


Seminars on or mentoring in:
*Demo Reels
*Project Management
*Resume Building
*Interview Skills
*Career Planning

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