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With over 15 years experience in the Animation and VisualEffects industry, with Industrial Light & Magic(ILM) and Pixar Canada to her credit,
Barbara Dawson brings a unique depth of knowledge to her role as CGScout Recruiter. Having worked "on the inside" of these and other studios for many years in roles such as Producer, Production Manager, and Contract Recruiter, Barbara's knowledge of the process and pipeline of production gives her an incredible edge in finding and matching the best talent for each position.

She started her career in Vancouver at Mainframe Entertainment, moving quickly from entry level to Producer on the first all-digital 3D ground-breaking series "ReBoot". Her skills in production scheduling and crew management garnered her a position at ILM, where for four years she worked as a Production Manager in the feature films and found her niche in artist management.  
From 1999-2003 she was involved in several productions including;
"AI", "Harry Potter", "Star Wars", "Hulk", "Pearl Harbor","Signs",  
"Men In Black 2"  and pre-production in 2 unreleased full CG Animated Feature Films.

She was hired at the Vancouver Film School in 2004 to teach in their 3D Animation and Visual Effects Department, assisting students with interview skills, production planning and concept development, as well as reviewing and critiquing final projects for graduating students.
While she continued part-time at VFS, Barbara began her recruiting career with LucasArts and Lucas Film Animation, organizing and managing Vancouver recruiting trips including arranging the hire of many employees for the new Lucas Animation
Singapore studio.

This led to the creation of the Vancouver studio of Vanguard Animation, specifically for their 3D animation feature "Space Chimps".
Barbara consulted with the Producers on pre-production crew hierarchy and roles, crewed close to 150 artists including personally viewing and selecting all applicants from submitted portfolios and reels, negotiated contracts and packages, facilitated travel and work permits and evaluated artists during their first few weeks with department heads.

Now, in the Vancouver headquarters of CGScout Inc., Barbara continues to nurture her relationships with a world-class roster of studios and schools, providing the gateway for
artists and studios in the 3D animation and visual effects realm.

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Morgan has 18 years experience on animated features and television in roles such as Supervising Animator and Lead Animator and brings his depth of knowledge of animation and "eye" for talent and art direction to CGScout as Artistic Consultant. 
He knows the importance of putting together a working team where each member brings a particular strength to the group.  He was Lead Animator on the Vanguard Animation feature "Space Chimps" due for release in 2008, and prior to that Supervising Animator and Co-Director of "Stuart Little 3" for Mainframe/Rainmaker Entertainment. 
At Tippett Studios in California he worked as a Senior Animator on "Hollow Man","Cats and Dogs", "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", "Hellboy" and "Evoltion".  At Vanguard ANimation Morgan was a Lead Animator for the multi-national team on "Space Chimps".
Morgan has taught at the Vancouver Film School as is currently a mentor and teacher at Think Tank Training Centre while continuing to animate on a project basis at local Vancouver Sutdios.

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